How do I get Nepal Visa?
Probably Nepal is the easiest country to obtain visa. You can get Nepal visa up on arrival at the Kathmandu Airport or if you are getting in to Nepal from India by overland, you can get visa at the border immigration office. You need to carry valid passport and passport size photographs. The visa fees are 25$ for 14 days and 40$ for 30 days and 100$ for 60 days. If you would like get Nepal visa from your home country, simply visit Nepalese embassy at your home country.

How do I get in to the Hotel?
Our official counterpart will be holding your name plate at the arrival terminal of the airport who will help you to get in to the Hotel. Please look at your name plate displayed on a paper.

How is accommodation like in Kathmandu?
In Kathmandu we use Hotel Blue Horizon which is tourist standard accommodation located in Thamel has lovely Garden and well decorated rooms as well as 24 hour hot shower and Wi-Fi facilities. We can update your accommodation by request but price may vary.

What kind of accommodation do I expect during the trek?
 Very basic accommodation available during the trek but neat and clean beds with comfortable mattress. Beds are quite small and bathroom is shared. There is chimney heater in the dining hall where tables are set around to sit nearby heater. There is a blanket on each. Some lodge offers private bathroom.

How often will I have shower during the trek?
Expect only 3-4 showers on your trip. You can also have hot water on a bucket by request but on high altitude it is not essential to have shower. Our experienced Guide will instruct you on how to maintain personal hygiene in a wilderness context.

Which type of food do I get during the trek?
There is menu where you can have choice of food such as Chinese food, Local Tibetain food, Indian food, Nepali food, continental food. You can have choice of vegetarian food or Non vegetarian food. Basically, you will have dinner and breakfast at the lodge where you stay overnight and lunch will be on the way.

Who will carry my luggage?
While you are on our trek, we would provide a porter (Sherpa) for each 2 member who will carry your luggage. You only carry a day bag where you put your valuable things, drinking water, Camera, snacks, medical pack inside which you may use during the day. Our Sherpa will be walking with you most of the time so you can get your things out along the way if needed.

Do I need to bring my own luggage for Porter?
AME Trek provides a duffer bag for the trek so prepare for this. If you have your own bag, our porter will manage it by fixing with the rope to tie up together.

Where do I store my luggage which I do need for the trek?
You can store your luggage in to our office or Hotel which you may not use for the trek which cost nothing is it is very much safe.

Are there communication facilities during the trek?
Yes, there are telephone facilities most of the trek except remote area trek. Our trek guide will have cell phone so that we would get in contact with you while you are on our trek. If you need to pass your message to your family we would do it once we speak with you.

Does my Guide speak English?
Yes, your guide will speak good English and he is well certified from the Nepal government. Our guides are also first aid trained and they can handle each and every situation on the mountain. Our all guides are insured.

Can I hire only Guide and a porter from you?
Yes you can hire only Guide and a porter from us for your convenient. For our guide we charge USD$25 per day and USD$20 per day for Sherpa (Porter). This is only for ordinary routes but for remote and restricted are we charge USD$30 per day for guide and USD$25 per day for Sherpa (Porter).On the top of this we charge 10% as service charge.

How big is your group?
Basically we arrange our trips from 2-10 people but it may be bigger by request if they are from same organization or friends.

Do you arrange private trip?
Yes we do arrange private trips but price may vary as single supplement which depends on your chosen trip.

Do I need to bring my own sleeping bag?
If you have your own sleeping bag we suggest you to bring it with you. If not we will arrange from our store which is second hand material but nice and clean.

How do I get safe drinking water?
Along the way you can get mineral water except (Annapurna Base camp Trek\ only 5 days water bottles are prohibited). Most of the places you can get boiled and filtered water. The best way is to add Iodine drops or tables which our guide will provide you along the way.

Do I need to be fit for the trek?
Yes you need to be moderately fit for the trek but it depends on which trekking trip you would choose. If you would choose Everest region trek or high Himalaya trek, physical fitness is required. You can do some hiking around your town or you can join gem.

Do I need to be insured?
Yes you need to be insured, make sure that your insurance covers medical treatment, evacuation and trip cancelation.

Who sorted out any emergency case on the mountain?
Our guide is well trained and can handle any emergency case. In the case of a serious sickness or a casualty, you shall be rescued by a helicopter. Since you are entirely liable for all the expenses incurred in evacuation please make sure that it is covered by your insurance before assigning for it or be prepared to pay on your own after getting back in Kathmandu. Ask your guide to arrange a runner to the nearest communication point and inform office about requirement of a helicopter.

What happen if i come earlier from the trek? Do i get my money back?
If you come earlier due to the weather condition and your personal reason the money is not refundable. You can spend your own time in Kathmandu or you can go other cities as per your interest.

Is it safe to travel as a single women or girl?
Yes, it is safe to travel and to do trek as a single female traveler with us. We are more responsible for this matter and we ensure all security and safety for individual women.

What is the best time for trekking?
The best time for the trek is October to December and March to May. Generally October to December is the best time.

Can I trek in rainy reason?
Yes, you can but mountains are not visible. Some area does not rain as rain shadow region. Basically clouds and rain most of the time so prepare for that.

How do I book your trek?
Once you choose trekking kindly trip fill up the mentioned form.  As per our policy 20 % deposit has to be made for the reservation. We will email you for your comfort to book out trekking trip.

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