Trekking in Moonson with AME Treks is great with their assistance.

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Chema Martin Chavarri

Dear Ame Treks I write you this email to express my completely satisfaction with the trekking I did with you. Tika Regmi propose to go to the north of Nepal, to langtang national park, was very accurate according to the weather in the rainy season, the weather has been really nice even when it was suppose to be much worse and the friendly atmosphere that you can feel once you get in the office is something you won't left feeling during all your trekking experience. My guide , Bhoj Raj , has been a very nice and helpful person , even when his English is not perfect ( neither is mine ) we got to understand each other without any problem in many occasions , and I could learn some nepali , which makes me really happy , being in the country where I can make a good use of my recent learning. He has been always taking care of me, asking for typical dishes out of menu to the local people , encouraging me to try new things related to his culture and the life in the countryside , helping me in the chats with the locals , and he has been very comprehensive in the moment I have decided to be by myself in such nice and inspiring landscapes. Sharing the life of the Nepali people living in the villages of Tamang ( I was the only tourist for 6 days in this region ) has been a wonderful opportunity to learn a lot from this people , how hard they work and how happy they can be ,their self-sufficiency ,how they take care for their child's education ( in school and country life ) , interchanging experiences , playing with the most happy kids in the world....and many other small things that become great when you look backwards , thanks again for the tip Tika!!!! After this rich cultural interchange with the people from the villages,we went to the Langtang area , to ascent till 3800 m high , and after the acclimatization ( with all kind of good tips coming from your guide ) try to climb Txarko Ri , 4984 m high , to see once again the incredible views that the mountains in this country offer you anywhere you go. We could do it , and even do it was cloudy when we got to the top , the experience was worth it without any kind of doubts , you cannot be so close to the sky walking by yourself everyday , and hindu dancing in the top with my guide's music in the top was really funny as well,hehe. Sharing the experience later with other trekkers , takes you to understand how good this kind of experiences make you feel , and how worth it was to accept the company's advices , thanks for everything , hope you continue offering such a good service for visitors.

Chema Martin Chavarri
Spain, Europe
[email protected]

Chema Martin Chavarri SPAIN Langtang Valley Trek

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