Experienced guide and best arrangement! Thanks Tika

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Tim Kolvenbach

In August 2012 I went on a short but delicious trek with Navaraj, who served as a wonderful guide.   He took me to the best spots along our route which led us to Dampush and Sarankot. Apart from the fact that he definitely is a passionate and experienced guide and therefore knew the way and the region extremely well, it was a pleasure talking to him about all kinds of things that came to our mind - mostly cultural differences between our home countries. Since I went alone it was wonderful to have such great company.  After finishing the trek we stayed one more day in Pokhara together where I could finally serve as a rowing-guide myself, since Nava never had been going on boat before (see picture). So many thanks again Nava and all the best!

August 2012
Tim Kolvenbach

Tim Kolvenbach GERMANY Kathmandu & Pokhara valley sightseeing tour

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