Tamang Heritage Trail - Highly Recommend

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Davis Greene

I came to Nepal at the last minute without making the appropriate plans. I was introduced to Adventure Mountain Explore through my hotel and they helped me tremendously in planning a trek to suit my needs. As a novice trekker with only a week to explore the Himalayas, Adventure Mountain Explore recommended the Tamang Heritage Trail. My guide, Mr. Kim, was great, helping me gather the needed equipment in Thamel - making sure I only purchased what I needed. We set off the next day and enjoyed a perfect week along a rural trek in Langtang National Park. The Tamang Heritage Trail is more remote, not full of tourists or tourist shops. I really this aspect of my experience, walking alone through small villages each evening. Further, the simple 'tea houses' provided a wonderful place to rest and rejuvenate. The trail is not too difficult but offers great views. I am especially thankful for my guide who was kind enough to carry fruits and chocolates which we enjoyed during various breaks in the hike. Mr. Kim was always eager to answer my questions and point out interesting aspects of our hike - like the flora and fauna in the region. If given the chance to visit Nepal again, I will certainly use Adventure Mountain Explore.

Davis Greene UNITED STATES Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Trek

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