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Several months ago, a friend of mine came back from world-round-trip and said, “A.B.C trekking is what you cannot see in any other places but Nepal”, and excitingly showed me a lot of incredibly beautiful pictures from the mountain and the country, Nepal. The story he shared caught my heart and strongly made me want to visit this country. And now, I also strongly recommend this adventure into wild nature. This is the reason why I am here, coming back from 10days Annapurna base camp(A.B.C) to write a review for one of the best agency (Adventure Mountain Explore Treks & Expedition P. Ltd) in Kathmandu and for you. 

What I have found during this trip is that this trip is therapeutic, educational, and exciting. First of all, in the mountain area, there are no such things as mobile, familiar TV show, disturbing noise, and annoying friends. You are literally surrounded by nature and all you can trust is your guide and your heart. You also have much free time in the mountain, which makes you think a lot about your future. Second, trekking is educational. You may see a various people from around the world as well as local people.  This, I believe, is the best way of getting to know each other, as you will see them again and again during the trail. Exchanging their personal story and back ground helps you grow your personality as well. Third, it is exciting. There is no question about it. When I saw the panorama view from A.B.C, I got so excited that I could not take my camera away (I am sure I took more than 100 pictures and video there). That was defiantly worth it.

Now, I am going to share a bit about my trekking partner, my guide, Lok Bhatta. He is friendly guy. He is not only experienced guide, but he knows how he can entertain us during the whole trip. His caring and his humor take up my good memory of trip. Since Lok and I spent 11days together, it is no wonder we became a best friends. Also he persistently looks after me.  When I wanted him to take pictures, he always smiled at me and sung some stupid song to make me laugh. Thank you, Lok. You are my best friend.

All in all, I never expected having such a great experience in Nepal before I arrived. You really don’t know this excitement and feeling of activeness unless you actually have done the trekking in the mountain in Nepal. I was lucky to find Mr. Tika regmi and his company who arranged my trip well and I had no problem. Things all went well. Tika Regmi of the company provided me much information which made me easy to choose my trekking destination. Without Tika’s persistent offer and Lok (my guide and best friend)’s help, I would not have enjoyed that much. All you need is stop seeing guide books and maps. Just start to find your best partner. I am sure Adventure Mountain Explore Trekking Company is the way to go. As old proverb goes, “Seeing is believing”.

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