EBC April/May 2016: Badass Experience!!!

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Tania & Alexander Becks

Our trek to EBC arranged by AME Treks has been one of the most amazing experiences of our lives...

A father (52) and his daughter (21), made it to Everest Base Camp safely and in good health thanks to the excellent guidance, services and support by our dear guides and porters. Thank you Navaraj, Abinash (guides) and Taj, Bikass and Indra (porters)!!! You guys made it special!

The trek proved to have its difficulties, ups and downs, but due to the great care by these guys, slowly but steadily we progressed every day and all of our group members made it to our goal. An example of the guides and porters great care is that going at your own speed you are never left out of sight, you will be accompanied by either one of the guides or porters all the way. They will continuously ask you how you are doing/feeling and keep an eye on you. 

Also many thanks to our organizer at AME, Tika, for his swift and honest responses to our inquiries and making our dream come true!

If you consider trekking in the Himalayas, AME Treks is reccomended. 

Sir Alexander and Miss Tania ;)


Tania & Alexander Becks NETHERLANDS Everest Base Camp Trekking

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