All Time High: Braving the Himalayas

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Ms. Cecille Lano Liwanag
Doing the Everest Base Camp with AME was beyond wonderful and fascinating experience. Being a non-experience trekker who just decided to YOLO this one on my birthday, (I mean, totally zero experience of trekking at high altitude) I am not that sure if I will be able to make it to my goal, the Everest Base Camp. But this has been made possible by amazing team: the guide and the porter, who both have been with me the whole time to guard my life (Half of my life depends on them). I am grateful with my guide Sittal who never failed to check up on my condition every so often to make sure I am all well, provided me with treatment when I experience mild headache because of altitude; I am grateful of how patient he was because I am too slow during our trek, provided me with water regularly, he even carried my day pack when it seems heavier for me to carry it any longer on higher altitude. The best part of him being a guide, he brought me to tea houses with amazing view of the mountains around where I can take pictures of them until darkness fades them away and see them again at dawn till the sun shines on them again. I am also forever grateful to our porter, Sherpa Pemba who carried my belongings all throughout; he is always there to give me my everyday meals, he is very polite, he always wears a smile, and he is funny at times. I have my utmost respect to these two were not only my crew but also became my friends. I can not thank enough for these two who stuck out with me and never gave up on me up to the very last. As for Mr. Tika, thank you for always responding on each of my emails prior to my trek. He has given me the necessary advises to prepare myself before the trek, and I am thankful that all of the advises were well worth it. I would definitely recommend AME for their beyond expectation of quality service. Another wish fulfilled and another one to cross out on my bucket list.

Ms. Cecille Lano Liwanag PHILIPPINES Everest Base Camp Trek

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