Wonderful Time in Annapurna Conservation area with my buddy Sriram and Guide Khem & Sherpa Prakash

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Raajesh Hariharasubramanian

We land in Nepal & there is a local strike the coming day! Typically it means delay! But not if khem is around :-). We rush to Pokhara the day we arrive in Kathmandu & leave hotel at 2am to move to the Annapurna trek site. After that it was a glorious 10 days spent Admiring the mountains & sweating & loads of climbing & playing cards!! We managed to see snowfall, hail storm, a double rainbow & a glorious 3 Hr bath in the hot spring at Jhinu! B-) But the story does not end there! Since we started early we had couple of more days. Khem & Tika manage to arrange a visit to Mukhtinath!! Yipee!! ( Ofcourse left a hole in our pockets!! ..lol ) We fly to jomsom & have a very memorable jeep ride to Mukthinath (Beginning of Mustang). What a Place!! Finally we manage to return to kathmandu with a day in hand to do the local tour as well with Amit. We managed to see Jal Narayan in kathmandu, thanks to Amit (otherwise we wouldn't have known!). We did not find a place in Ame's own hotel as it was overcrowded and were give alternate accommodation. But this vacation turned out to be a very special one and will be on our minds for a long long time to rethink & smile ;-) For People who did not understand Jal Narayan & Mukthinath's relevance to our trip to Nepal to do ABC, They are Hindu pilgrimage sites :P

Raajesh Hariharasubramanian INDIA Annapurna Base Camp Trek

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