Trekking trip to Tsum Valley and Manaslu with AME Treks; Ramesh and Sandip 4th October - 23th October 2014

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Anastas Odermatt

It has been two month now that we were on our trek around Manaslu with Ramesh and Sandip and we still have it in best memory and very often think of it. We spent a great time in the mountains of Nepal and also had a lot of fun with our guide Ramesh and our porter Sandip. They tought us two funny games which we were playing in the evenings. Looking back to the two an a half month we were travelling in Nepal, the trek was the best thing we did! All the talks with Ramesh gave us a brither understanding about the Nepali culture. We saw and learnt a lot about Nepal on our trek.

Our highlight was Tsum Valley where we haven't seen many other tourists. The autumn has coloured all the plants in red, orange and yellow. The tibetan culture impressed us with all its temples and prayer walls. And for the first time on our trek we saw the big high Himalayan mountains from quite close. Not only the landscape is amazing in Tsum Valley but also the people and their way of living. We loved it to sit with them in the kitchen and watch them cooking. All behind in this beautiful valley we celebrated Anita's birthday with the family of the guesthouse and a snickers springroll. :-)

On our way back it started to rain and it didn't stop for 30 hours. This was the reason why later we couldn't go over the Larke pass. There they had heavy snow at this time. We highly recommend all of our friends for trekking in nepal and use Ramesh Adhikari as a guide at Adventure Mountain Explore Treks.

Anastas Odermatt SWAZILAND Tsum Valley Trek

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